Saintly Sarena

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The saint virgin is assaulted repeatedly by imperial soldiers!

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[Sarena] (CVAmakawa Milk

 The daughter of conscript fathers and an important person man of power of Roma. Father is an aide who endeavored in emperor Nero's emperor accession to the throne. Because she was born in conservative lineage, she believed pantheon of Rome. But after meeting with Paul, she converted.

 However, emperor Nero's cruel suppression will be received as a result. Her Rome citizenship was deprived, and she received the treatment below the slave though had been aristocrat. She received humiliation as a woman in front of the lover, and after that, companions are slaughtered.

 After all she was captured, and sentenced DEATH and...

[Poppaea] (CV:Bubaigawara Shiho

 Low government official's daughter. By a peculiar art of managing in society, she hits the peak to Queen of the Roman Empire which was strongest of the world.

 Her honor of beauty was No.1 in the empire, and she had received love from emperor Nero. But she cannot win the drawn one's increasing age, and She begins to feel impatient. She plans the courtier's banishment for self-defense, and She induces the new believer's massacre.

 She loves wealth and power in above all, and finally she planned to betray husband Nero losing dominance...

[Acte] (CV:Yunagi Oto

 Freed slave. She was connected with the pure love with Nero, but because of difference of position, they are pulled apart by mother and Nero's surrounding. However, thouhg there was some of courtiers' protection, She was able to stay in the court.

 She was cut her face by Nero who got excited, and her left eye lost light. Nero apologized first time in his life, but her eye never get light again and cicatrix had remained without disappearing in her face.

 Day in and day out, even the courtier, the potentate, near relatives, and the wife were erased by Nero's frenzy. However only Acte could escape executing. But at last Nero was...


movingba.gif (3925 バイト)


You can use credit cards, including VISA MASTER DC and Diners.