"Azadi Assault" correction patch

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If you encountered the following bug, please download the patch below.

<< You can't bury(watch) two panels of the rightest row in the Gallery. >>


※ Download of "Azadi Assault" correction patch ※


Please make the backup of the files without fail before execution update.
(Goebbe-Do doesn't assume the responsibility to all results and losses causing by having executed this program(patch) at all.)

1.Please unzip downloaded "ar-mod.zip".

2.Please execute "ar-mod.exe" on the inside.

3.When the dialog comes out,please select the folder that is installed "Azadi Assault." Please push 「次へ」, and push 「インストール」.

4.After execution update, please confirm day and hour of the "game.001" file in the folder in which "Azadi Assault" is installed have been updated.